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TateOil supply industry approved tank monitoring systems. No longer do you have to take that cold trip to the tank in the depths of winter, in dwindling light, with a dipstick!

Apollo Visual

ApolloThe transmitter monitors the level of fuel inside the tank and relays this data, wirelessly, to the receiver unit, which conveniently plugs into a standard electrical socket. The receiver unit displays the level of fuel inside the tank, via an easy to read LCD display, which usefully includes a low level warning alert. Apollo Visual’s on-tank transmitter also incorporates an inbuilt LCD display.

Apollo Visual is suitable for almost any tank up to 3 metres tall and is available with either a 3 pin UK/Ireland or 2 pin European electrical socket connection. Easy to fit, each Apollo Visual can be installed in minutes.

Product Features

  • Tank mounted ultrasonic transmitter unit, compatible with the standard 32mm port fitted to modern plastic oil storage tanks.
  • Optional multi adaptor ensures compatibility with most steel tanks.
  • Plug in receiver unit with integral antenna
  • Transmitter is powered by a lithium battery with an operational life expectancy of up to 5/7 years
  • Integral on-tank LCD transmitter display, for use by fuel delivery personnel
  • Premium quality LCD receiver display, readable from a wide range of angles under varying light conditions
  • Up to 200 metres line of sight range via secure, wireless, FM data transmissions.

£112 including VAT and P&P. £180 fitted, including VAT*

*Fitting available in certain areas only.

Spinsecure Tanklock

Spinsecure TanklockTankLock is a locking device that will fit to a standard 2" fill point inlet on a fuel tank.

Its clever design utilises Spin Secure technology in that when the cap is locked it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove.

Most existing locking caps are supplied in two pieces and are often secured in place using low quality padlocks which can easily be removed or broken.

TankLock eliminates this problem due to its one piece padlock free design and as a result there are NO torque points for forced entry using crow bars ensuring your tank contents are as safe and secure as possible.


  • Does not require a padlock
  • Eliminates "crow-bar" access
  • For use on 2" MALE threads
  • Machined from a non-ferrous hard Zinc Alloy
  • Rubber gasket seal to prevent leaks
  • High security numbered lock with over 50,000 combinations
  • Complete with 3 keys
  • Multiple key configurations available
  • Weatherproof/'o'-ring sealed self closing cover
  • Integrated safety thermal relief
  • No sealants or adhesive required
  • No installation tools required

RRP: £69.95 inc vat and P&P


TanklokThis innovative cap lock fits the majority of tank manufacturers inspection-caps and comes complete with everything you need to install it, minus the electric drill and tank! The thoughtful people at TankLok even supply the drill bit and padlock. Designed to be fitted by even the most inexperienced DIYer, the entire process can be completed and your tank secured in under 5 minutes!

The sealed pack contains:

  • Tanklok clamp.
  • 17mm drill bit.
  • Rubber washers.
  • Padlock and keys.
  • Full, easy to follow instructions.

Price £39.95 inc vat and P&P

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TateOil supply industry approved tank monitoring systems. Find out more.