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We're tackling climate change, one tree at a time

Together, we can make a difference

For nearly 50 years, Tate Oil have supplied heating oil to tens of thousands of customers in Yorkshire and beyond, and we’re proud to still be an independent, family-run fuel supplier based in the heart of the county. However, we know that fossil fuels have a huge impact on the environment, and we want to help lessen the effect our orders have on the planet. We are going to start with a tree planting project right here in Yorkshire.

We want to make things right. That’s where you come in.

Starting from the 1st January 2021, we’ll plant a tree for any qualifying customer* who places 4 orders for heating oil in a year – for FREE! No add-ons, no hidden fees, no marked-up prices. Just order with Tate Oil, and we’ll work with our chosen charity to find the perfect location for your tree.

Not only will we plant your oak, aspen, alder or birch tree for free, but we’re extremely proud to be planting the trees in our hometown county of Yorkshire! By ordering your kerosene with Tate Oil, you’ll be supporting vital afforestation projects in Yorkshire and making the county a greener place.

Tate Oil have partnered with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

We’re proud to announce that Tate Oil are partnering with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust – a charity focused on tackling climate change and improving the local environment.

To date, the charity has helped to deliver inspiring projects worth around £30 million in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. These projects cover areas as diverse as countryside apprenticeships, supporting local communities, education and outreach, restoring woodlands and wildlife habitats, and improving access and understanding of this special place. They have supported the planting of 1.5 million trees in the area, and have plans to do much more.

Tate Oil have pledged to plant 3,000 trees by 2024 – and with your help, we can get there!

Planting TREE

Ready to get started? There are two ways you can join in…

We’ll plant a tree on your fourth qualifying order!

If you use heating oil for your home, simply order with us four times in a year, and we’ll be tree planting on your behalf! You won’t be charged for this service – it’s completely free, and if you’d like, we’ll even send you a certificate!

Join the Tate Oil Eco-Plan, and we’ll plant a tree on your first order!

LAUNCHING SOON! Looking for a heating oil payment plan? Not only does the Eco-Plan allow you to build credit for future orders, but you’ll also be helping to save the planet at the same time! Want to know more? Just get in touch to register your interest!

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More about our carbon offsetting project!

Based in North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust are a small charity specialising in rural projects, such as tree planting, dry-stone wall restoration and environmental apprenticeships.

Since 1996, YDMT have worked with local land owners, including farmers, to promote the reforestation of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. To date, they have successfully planted 1.5 million trees, and aren’t stopping anytime soon! They also provide grants for specific projects, such as the Stories in Stone project, which allows local residents to really make a difference to the county.

Tate Oil are supporting their Together For Trees project, which sees the charity planting a further 100,000 trees.

Want to know more about the incredible projects Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust do? Head to their website

Carbon offsetting is a great way for a business or individual to lessen the effect their daily habits have on the planet. From driving to work to the way we heat our homes, we release carbon emissions into the planet daily – directly contributing to climate change.

However, by working with charities such as Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, you can offset those emissions by facilitating carbon capturing! Trees are considered as a ‘carbon sink’, which means they’ll store the carbon emissions in their bark, and never release it. The tree releases oxygen back into the atmosphere, making our air cleaner and removing pollution from the air.

On average, one tree offsets approximately one tonne of carbon emissions in its lifespan! By ordering your fuel with Tate Oil, you can reduce the emissions released into the atmosphere from your heating oil order – and better yet – you can do it for FREE!

How we're improving our green credentials!

Creating new woodlands in Yorkshire is just the first step to becoming a greener, more eco-friendly company. We’re looking at ways to improve our green credentials every day, and we’re proud to be offering new products, services and initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint! Check out some of our exciting new projects below:

We now supply HVO biofuel!

Hydrotreated vegetable oil, also known as HVO, is a biofuel created from organic matter and waste materials. It reduces CO² emissions to such a low level that 10 vehicles using HVO will only produce the same emissions as 1 diesel vehicle, dramatically reducing the consumers carbon footprint! We’re pleased to supply this diesel alternative – just get in touch to find out more!

We install renewable energy heating solutions!

In May 2020, we launched our newest division, Tate Heat. But did you know we don’t just service and install oil boilers? Our heating engineer is a qualified installer of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and solar thermal panels! Our team can give you fair, impartial advice on the best renewable energy source for your property, and you can choose the best solution for you!

We’ve said goodbye to paper invoices!

Last summer, we decided to break-up with paper invoices. It’s not us, it’s them – they’re just so toxic! In a bid to reduce paper wastage, we’re pleased to have switched to paperless invoicing for most of our lovely customers, meaning less energy used on printing, and less emissions released from the van delivering the letter! Want to switch to digital invoices? Just get in touch and we’ll update your preferences!

By choosing to order your fuel with Tate Oil, you’re helping us make a difference. You’re helping us tackle climate change, one tree at a time. You’re helping us save the planet.

*Terms & conditions apply. Excludes buying groups. Domestic customers using heating oil only. Excludes third party orders – all qualifying orders must placed directly with Tate Oil. The account holder can qualify for max. one tree per year (1st January-31st December). All trees planted by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust in various locations in Yorkshire. Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust – Registered Charity, No: 1061687. Qualifying orders placed online, via email or telephone will be counted – no opt-in necessary.