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Heating Oil Blackburn

Let TateOil look after your Heating Oil needs. Organise your Heating oil delivery from one of our Local Depots.

If you live in Blackburn, a large town in Lancashire, located in the North West of the United Kingdom and require domestic heating oil then TateOil are your local heating oil supplier in Blackburn.

Blackburn is located off the M65 motorway.

TateOil want to help you get the cheapest heating oil prices in Blackburn.  TateOil supply only the highest quality heating oil in Blackburn and in addition to our heating oil we can also provide you with heating oil additives in Blackburn.

You will often see our TateOil trucks transporting heating oil in Blackburn if you do see our trucks snap a photograph and send it to us with the hashtag #heatingoilblackburn

TateOil is a leading supplier of kerosene which is also known as:

Heating Oil is commonly used for the heating of domestic and commercial premises. It may also power a range of ovens such as an Aga, Rayburn, Esse or Stanley and is used in homes and properties which aren’t connected to the gas mains.
Our heating oil is produced at the newest refinery in the country and is the cleanest highest quality kerosene available.

When heating oil in Blackburn is purchased from Tateoil it can be stored in fuel tanks, these fuel tanks will be connected to your boiler.

TateOil appreciate that heating oil prices in Blackburn fluctuate regularly and at times when you place your heating oil order with TateOil the price of heating oil in Blackburn may be higher than on your previous order.  The reason for the fluctuating heating oil prices is because heating oil prices in Wilpshire, likewise throughout the United Kingdom are directly linked to the price of crude.

As with any commodity, when demand for heating oil in Wilpshire is high, the heating oil prices in Blackburn rise to reflect this.  This therefore has a knock on effect on the price of delivered heating oil in Blackburn.

Nevertheless as heating oil prices in Blackburn fluctuate and can at times be high, when demand on heating oil prices are at their lowest and the price of crude is lower TateOil immediately reflects the fluctuation in our prices to our heating oil customers, so when this occurs heating oil prices in Wilpshire are lower.

TateOil deliver heating oil in Blackburn at the best price.

Supplying the customer with the most competitive heating oil prices in Blackburn alongside a service which is second to none is what TateOil aspires to.

TateOil provides daily deliveries of heating oil in Blackburn and we can normally deliver your kerosene the very next day.

Our Kerosene in Blackburn comes from our supplier who runs the newest refinery in the country and, subsequently, produces the cleanest, high quality heating oil available.

However, with the heating oil prices in Blackburn fluctuating, seemingly all the time, it is important to get the most out of your home heating oil in Blackburn and TateOil offers a range of additives to help our customers combat those rising heating oil prices in Blackburn.


AgaMate, our ‘Aga fuel’ additive, will help maintain an even burn, for longer, by reducing the build up of coke and soot on the burner assembly. It is suitable for use in most heating oil fired stoves, such as Aga, Esse, Stanley and Rayburn, and should result in fewer and less costly service calls.

KeroUltra helps maintain the efficiency of your heating oil boiler, cleaning the nozzles as it passes through the system, saving an average of 10% on heating oil bills, with heating oil prices at current levels that could be a good 6 pence per litre saving on heating oil in Blackburn! There are a number of additional benefits to using our kerosene additives in Blackburn, but we think that helping to reduce the impact of heating oil prices in Blackburn is the greatest one.

By choosing TateOil for your home heating oil in Blackburn we guarantee you that TateOil will provide you with the most competitive heating oil prices in Blackburn.  Alongside having your own account manager, you can be guaranteed a personal, dedicated service every time you contact TateOil.  Your dedicated account manager will be able to provide you with quotes for heating oil prices in Blackburn, general heating oil queries and you will also importantly be able to easily pace your heating oil order in Blackburn, arranging a suitable delivery date for you to receive your heating oil in Blackburn.

Purchasing your heating oil in Blackburn could not be any easier…

If you would like to place an order for heating oil in Blackburn please either:

Call 08456 43 44 43 and our team will give you the most competitive heating oil prices in Blackburn for your designated heating oil delivery date and amount or get an instant online quote for Kerosene from our website by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Alternatively fill in our online contact form and one of our dedicated heating oil team members will call you back and help you place your order.


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