DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle fuel) Nationwide Deliveries

DERV (Road Diesel) Deliveries

Commonly known as DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle fuel), also goes by the names ‘ultra-low sulphur diesel’, white diesel, and road diesel is most commonly used in the commercial sector to power road going vehicles with diesel engines. For vehicles and machinery used in an off-road capacity, you would use red diesel (DERV with a red dye indicating a difference in duty).

Tate Oil can supply DERV in bulk UK-wide, ranging from quantities of 500 – 40,000 litres. Due to our increasing supply network, we are able to be very competitive on price.

fleet haulage derv diesel

As you would expect from a fuel supplier with extremely high standards that’s been established since 1972, our DERV meets the BS EN590 specification.

At Tate Oil, we have been proudly delivering road diesel across the country for over 50 years.

We understand the importance of efficiency and punctuality in your business. Our account managers offer you experience, thoroughness and professionalism, all from our busy hub in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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