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Looking to the Future with the Split Second Dragster Sponsored by TateOil

It’s now the end of November which means that for the Split Second team, their racing year has come to a close and the Split Second Dragster Sponsored by TateOil is put away until next year.

In their final event of the year, which took place at the Santa Pod Raceway as part of their Flame and Thunder event on the 27th of October 2017, the Split Second team were happy to report that that the day went very well, with four successful runs throughout the day, with the best time coming in at 6.5 seconds over a 1/4 mile run.

However, the weather conditions on the day made the runs in the car quite dangerous, this was down to a very strong side wind which caused the rear of the Split Second Dragster Sponsored by TateOil to lift up off the ground once the parachute had been deployed, however once the car landed back on the ground, Julian Webb, the driver of the Dragster, was able to regain control of the car. To counter this, the team took the precaution of deploying the parachute for the car at 1000ft from the start. This worked a treat for the time with no incidents occurring in their third run of the day.

In the final run of the day, the Split Second Dragster sponsored by TateOil took place in a dark run which highlighted the raw power that this dragster has at it’s disposal, but once the dark run was completed, this signalled the end of the Split Second Dragster Sponsored by TateOils season.

But the hard work hasn’t stopped yet with the Split Second team already hard at work in getting some events booked in for the 2018 season, with meetings scheduled to happen in the UK and some bookings abroad.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the progress of the Split Second Dragster this year and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this team.

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