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Sales Teams Escapades

From left to right: Cat Rafferty, Candice Hattingh, James Ferguson and Samantha Bartley

On the 1st of June, members of the Tate Oil Sales Team took part in an escape game event set up by Sales Escapades called Jonny Flash’s Secret Deal. The event incorporated the escape room game idea while adding a sales twist to proceedings, during which; Cat, Candice, James and Samantha worked together to solve a number of puzzles against the clock to be the winning team out of the 6 that were present.

With each member playing a key role throughout the puzzles presented, the team we able to achieve a time of 1 hour and five minutes meaning they successfully came out on top.

Overall the Tate Oil team thoroughly enjoyed the event with Cat Rafferty saying “it was great fun, we learnt valuable lessons about problem solving while keeping a cool head and it brought out the competitiveness in all of us.”

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