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We have been serving the rural community since 1972.

We have built up a strong and proud reputation of supporting our local farmers that spans over 40 years of supplying only the best quality Agricultural Red Diesel, White Diesel and Heating Oil / Kerosene and Lubricants.

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TateOil offer deliveries of fuels and lubricants from a 205 litre barrel to a 36,000 litre tanker. We understand the challenges of the Farming Industry and have built up a reputation providing hassle free deliveries of agricultural Tractor fuel just when it’s needed, particularly at busy times such as harvest and silage.

Tate Oil is able to offer our very own ‘Agamate’. This uniquely formulated additive raises the cetane level of UK specification Gasoil. Agrimate raises the cetane level, the Gas oil / Red Diesel is raised in performance, close to standard Derv, giving better pulling power, easier starting, smoother running, lower smoke and emissions and a higher lubricity, which protects the engine.

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Our well established family run business has been supplying Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel, White Diesel and Lubricants across the UK for 45 years.

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