A renewable fuel, designed for the future!

Tate Oil are proud to supply HVO – a clean, efficient fuel with up to 90% less CO2 emissions!

As a fuel supplier with nearly 50 years’ experience, we’ve supplied thousands of customers with high quality, affordable fuel for their homes or business. We pride ourselves on offering the best products on the market, which is why we’re excited to supply HVO: a new, interchangeable, renewable fuel!

With up to 90% less CO2 emissions, 7% less nitrous oxide, and 24% less carbon monoxide, HVO is a cost-effective, easy way to decarbonise your business! Want to know more about HVO fuel? Just get in touch using the button below, or keep reading to find out why you should transition to a low-carbon fuel!

What is HVO?

HVO, hydrotreated vegetable oil, is a drop-in replacement for your diesel appliances. Fairly new to the general market, HVO is made from renewable, sustainable materials and emits up to 90% less CO2 emissions than gas oil and diesel. Manufactured to EN 15940 standards, HVO is certified sustainable by ISCC and 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel!

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Why use HVO?

There are many benefits to using HVO fuel for your business! Not only is it made from sustainable materials, but the low-emission fuel alternative also has a shelf life of up to 10 years, making it even more cost efficient than diesel. HVO fuel is 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel, and able to withstand temperatures as low as -32 degrees, making it perfectly suitable for all seasons in the UK!

Why use HVO for your business?

When you use HVO as your preferred fuel, not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be hugely improving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In an age where consumers look to purchase their goods from responsible and environmentally aware businesses, swapping your fuel to HVO is an easy and affordable way to immediately decarbonise your business.

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    We're working hard to make HVO accessible for everyone!

    Alongside UKIFDA and OFTEC, we’re supporting the Future Ready Fuel campaign! With the aim to supply HVO for domestic use, Future Ready Fuel are highlighting the need for affordable renewable energy in homes – especially in off-the-grid areas. There are 1.5 million homes on heating oil in the UK – if we can transition those homes to a clean energy, such as HVO, we can help the UK hit the 2050 Net Zero target!

    If you’d like to support this campaign, please visit the Future Ready Fuel website! On there, you can find useful information, Government updates and ways you can help Future Ready Fuel in their bid to bring HVO into domestic homes.

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