Tate Oil PayPlan

A payment plan built with you in mind.

Heating oil is a necessity for millions of homeowners, but the cost can be an unwelcomed expense – especially in winter. With the Tate Oil PayPlan, you can spread the costs monthly and use your credit to pay your order in full, keeping your utility costs low throughout the year!

The Tate Oil PayPlan is like your own personal piggy bank: you can build up a credit to use for future heating oil orders, so you aren’t left with a costly bill every time you need a top-up. With no contract and flexible payment options, you’re free to use your credit whenever you need it most.

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How does the Tate Oil PayPlan work?

Fill in the application form!

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That’s it! We’ll take payments monthly, and you can give us a call whenever you need a top-up!

Whether you’d prefer to use your monthly payments to help cover the costs of each order, or want to save it for the winter period – it’s entirely up to you. With our hassle-free heating oil payment plan, you can relax knowing your orders are already paid for!*

There are many benefits to choosing the Tate Oil PayPlan, including:

  • Spread the costs monthly throughout the year
  • Avoid costly bills every time you place an order
  • No contract – you can stay for as long as you like, without any commitment!
  • No interest or admin charge
  • Want to save up for the winter months? You can use your credit for the more expensive orders in winter – just let us know!

…plus much more!

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Direct Debit Instruction

Getting Started

Before you begin your application, you will need your bank details to hand.

If you abandon the application part-way through the process, your data will be lost and you will have to go through the initial checks once more.

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    PayPlan – Terms & conditions apply. The Tate Oil PayPlan is available for homeowners who use heating oil only. Excludes customers in rented accommodation. Should you cancel your direct debit, any outstanding orders must be paid in full immediately. Tate Oil reserve the right to decline applications at any time. All payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.