Ultra 35 Fuel

Ultra 35 Fuel

The main aim for Ultra 35 Fuel is to offer a cheaper alternative to gas oil that burns at the same specification needed. Our Fuel burns in a more cost-effective and cleaner way without the need for any modifications.

Where is Ultra 35 Fuel used?

We supply to a variety of businesses across the country. Our Fuel is mainly used to generate heat from commercial boilers in large public buildings, such as (but not limited to) hospitals, hotels, distilleries, schools and factories.

Many manufacturers realise the cost effectiveness of Ultra 35 Fuel compared to rising gas prices, and more and more are making the switch.

Companies using red diesel to heat their premises will see a significant fall in price by switching to this fuel.

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Talk to the experts…

If you would like to discuss if Ultra 35 Fuel would work for you, how easy it is to switch your business or just an informal chat about the costs involved, our experienced team are waiting to take your call on: 03300 552 889 or Get in Touch

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Make your commercial fuels ordering process even easier by applying for credit with Tate Oil! By submitting a few details, our accounts team can assess your business needs and provide a credit suitable for your company. Choose the way you pay for your fuel, whether it’s by direct debit or over the phone – the choice is yours!

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