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Tate Oil can supply you with 500 – 40,00 litres of red diesel in bulk or barrels at 205 litres.

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Red Diesel (Gas Oil) UK

Also known as gas oil, marked diesel, tractor diesel, marked EN590, cherry red and 35-second oil. Red diesel is mainly used for ‘off-road’ industries. The primary use of this fuel is tractors, forklift trucks, cranes and generators.

We deliver to construction sites, agricultural businesses, and manufacturing plants. Backup generators for some hospitals and data centres also rely on our gas oil.

red diesel Crane tractor gas oil, marked gas oil tractor diesel marked EN 590 cherry red 35-second oil

Established in 1972, Tate Oil has learned the importance of reliability, punctuality and quality of fuel when working with commercial customers and delivering your fuel.

Should you have any questions about working with Tate Oil to deliver your commercial fuels, our friendly team would be happy to hear from you.

Gas Oil Prices

Tate Oil is a nationwide supplier of gas oil in bulk. Our vast buying power enables us to bring our customers the very best in price.

We appreciate that when running your business, costs need to be clear and transparent. You will have a dedicated account manager that will be available to talk to you and help guide you through the purchasing and advise you about any relevant lubricants and additives.

The price of oil constantly fluctuates, throughout the day. To find the most accurate and competitive price, simply give your account manager a call on 03300 552 889 or GET IN TOUCH

What is red diesel?

Red diesel is white diesel with a red dye.

It can’t legally be used in road going vehicles.

Red dye enables Customs and Excise to quickly determine whether or not a vehicle is legally or illegally using the fuel.

The dye in gas oil marks it as a low duty fuel that can be used legally to fuel untaxed, off-road vehicles.

You may face a fine or even lose your vehicle if you are caught driving on public roads fuelled by red diesel.

If you are buying gas oil in bulk for the first time or introducing new machinery to an existing business, GOV Website is a great way of finding out if gas oil is for you.

farming red diesel combine harvester agricultural farm

Changes to red diesel and taxation

From April 1st 2022, the UK government will remove entitlement to use gas oil for a number of sectors.

This move will require many businesses to switch to standard white diesel (at a standard rate of tax).

The government’s plan is to force businesses into looking for alternative, more renewable sources of fuel.

You can read about the changes HERE.

Can gas oil be used as commercial heating oil?

Gas oil can indeed be used in some commercial boiling and heating appliances.

Although some businesses use red diesel to heat their premises, from April 2022, red diesel will no longer be allowed to heat commercial buildings.

Our product Ultra 35 is a great replacement as it was specifically developed for commercial heating and furnaces. The good news is, this product is not affected by the duty change.

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