Introducing the Tate Oil Employee Wellness Programme!

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Tate Oil Employee Wellness Programme

Introducing the Tate Oil Employee Wellness Programme!

At Tate Oil, the mental and physical wellbeing of our team has always been important to us, but 2020 threw the staff handbook out the window. We witnessed a global pandemic that forced us to send our staff home, and our normally buzzing office became painfully quiet. We did everything we could to keep our team motivated and happy, and we’re proud of how hard our team worked – even in isolation. From daily games via Zoom to group challenges, everyone rallied together and kept the spirits high!

Last year showed the importance of employee wellness, and for 2021, we’re making some positive changes: we’re launching the Tate Oil Employee Wellness Programme!

New for April 2021, we’ve recruited two Wellness Officers to help organise challenges, events, and provide support to those that need it. Tammi and Sam H from the sales team jumped at the chance to become Wellness Officers – and we’re excited to have them on board! Together, they’ll be creating monthly challenges to help keep staff both physically and mentally active. We asked our Wellness Officer’s why they volunteered for the roles!

“I’ve always liked helping people however I can, and lockdown has shown that we all need to be there for each other.” Said Sam Hebditch, National Sales Executive. “I’m looking forward to learning more about how we can all help with one another’s mental health – including our own!

Tammi also loved the idea of an Employee Wellness Programme! “Since the start of 2020, I started taking my physical and mental health more seriously and investing more time in self-care. I’ve noticed such a positive difference in myself and I actually enjoy going for runs, looking for new healthy recipes and listening to meditation tapes. I think it’s a great idea to translate this into work, especially as we spend so much time here, and I wanted to be as involved as possible. If I can do it, I want to inspire and help as many other people to do it too!”

So, what’s the first challenge for our team?

This month, we’re having an ‘active minutes’ challenge: the three people with the most active minutes logged in April wins some healthy prizes from MyProtein! Whether it’s yoga, running, walking, swimming, HIIT or boxing – as long as it’s logged, it counts! It’s great to see everyone’s competitive side coming out already, and we can’t wait to see the results!

Here’s what our team can win this month:

Employee Wellness Programme Prizes

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