Fuel Storage Services

We offer 3 core fuel storage solutions

We’ve been supplying fuel and fuel storage solutions for almost 50 years and many of our loyal customers have asked us if we can supply additional services and products to help them manage and increase the safety and efficiency of their fuel storage environment.

Whatever the type of fuel (including bio fuels, waste oil or LPG), we ensure that the product is stored and maintained safely and in line with the relevant, current regulatory requirements.


Commercial Tank Oftec inspection

In order to comply with EA, SEPA, DEFRA and HSE regulations, commercial oil tanks and pipelines must have an annual inspection by a company with a recognised accreditation.


Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel is used daily by millions of people throughout the world to power their vehicles. In road vehicles the fuel is used quickly and the small storage tanks are re-filled regularly. However when oil based fuel (diesel, gas oil and light fuel oil) sits in storage tanks for sustained periods of time, problems can occur, rendering the fuel unusable (sometimes in a matter of months) if left untreated.


Tank Supply

We can supply commercial tanks in most dimensions, for above or underground use. These bespoke tanks can be constructed in steel to your specifications and meet all regulatory requirements (see below) or where smaller tanks are required, we supply plastic, integrally-bunded tanks designed to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Fuel storage safety and efficiency

Can we help you increase the safety and efficiency of your Fuel Storage Environment?

The benefits of ordering online with Tate Oil are impressive

Big savings

Choosing our standard delivery day option means that we can group other orders together in the same area to reduce our operational costs and pass the savings on to you, the customer.

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Rather than waiting for an account manager to call you back, our online ordering service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning that you can receive a live price right at your fingertips!

Never run out

Let Tate Oil look after your heating oil needs so that you never run out of heating oil again. Our hassle free Monthly Pay Plan option, ensures you are kept topped up. Ask a member of our team for further details.