5 ways trees help the planet!

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5 ways trees help the planet!

Launched in January 2021, Tate Oil are proud to uphold our charity partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust! In a bid to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, we continue to work closely with YDMT to ensure our emissions are reduced by planting trees around our very own county of Yorkshire. But why trees, and how else do they benefit the planet?

Trees store carbon

Remember learning about photosynthesis in school? The flower, water and sun diagrams? Well, trees do the exact same thing, but on a much larger scale. In a tree’s lifespan, they typically store 1 tonne of carbon and release oxygen back into the atmosphere, making it an easy way for anyone to capture their carbon emissions!

More trees = more wildlife

‘Adding one tree to an open pasture can increase its biodiversity from almost zero species to as high as 80’, according to Ovo Energy. Creating denser forests provides a home for hundreds of species including birds, bees, rabbits, mice and squirrels – all of which help spread seeds around the nearby areas to create wild meadows and grasslands!

Trees benefit the economy

Planting trees helps reduce your carbon footprint, help the planet and promote the return of wildlife, but did you know that trees help grow the economy, too?

By creating new woodlands for people to visit, you are helping boost vital tourist traffic to nearby villages, and increase trade for the local hospitality industry. All of the trees planted by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust are in local, accessible areas, making it easy for families to visit on a day out!

Trees let us breathe

This is an obvious one, but trees and plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, allowing us to breathe. So, it’s safe to say that trees are a vital asset to the earth!

But did you know that England’s tree cover is currently only 13%? This makes it one of the lowest rates in Europe, compared to the likes of Finland with an impressive 74% tree cover, or France with 32%. We’ve got some work to do!

Trees prevent flooding

Over the past few years, Yorkshire has been hit with some extreme weather outbursts – including the 2015 Boxing Day flooding, and the devastating downpours in February 2020, which affected all of Yorkshire. These harsh weather conditions are becoming increasingly common, and whilst trees won’t stop the damage entirely, they can slow the rate the water falls onto the ground! Additionally, raindrops that land on leaves evaporate straight into the air, and tree roots soak up the water, meaning there’s less water sitting on the ground. It’s a small way Yorkshire can help villages protect themselves against flooding!

By ordering your fuel with Tate Oil, not only will you be receiving the excellent customer service you’d expect, but you’ll also be supporting the incredible work of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust – for FREE!

Want to know more about our tree planting?

Visit our carbon offsetting page, or call us on 03300 552 889

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