We’re reducing our carbon footprint – here’s how!

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We’re reducing our carbon footprint – here’s how!

For 2022, we are proud to announce, we will continue to run our tree planting program with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

From planting trees to supplying greener fuel alternatives, we’re working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We know it may seem a little taboo for a fuel company to talk about their CO² emissions, but as true northerners, we pride ourselves on being honest and open with our customers – so why not address the elephant in the room? This year we’re making many improvements to our green credentials, with some exciting developments still in the pipeline!

We now supply HVO biofuel

Hydrotreated vegetable oil, also known as HVO, is a biofuel created from organic matter and waste materials. It reduces CO² emissions to such a low level that 10 vehicles using HVO will only produce the same emissions as 1 diesel vehicle, dramatically reducing the consumers carbon footprint! We now supply HVO as your eco-friendly diesel alternative – just call us to find out more!

We install renewable energy heating systems

In May 2020, we launched our newest division, Tate Heat. But did you know we don’t just service and install oil boilers? Our heating engineer is a qualified installer of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and solar thermal panels! Our team can give you fair, impartial advice on the best renewable energy source for your property, and you can choose the best solution for you!

We’re planting trees in Yorkshire

Tate Oil are proud to be partnered with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to help our customers offset their carbon emissions. Each tree planted will offset approximately 1 tonne of carbon from the atmosphere – and with our 3,000-tree target, we’ll be planting enough trees to fill 3 football pitches! When you order 4 times in a year, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf! Find out more here: tateoil.co.uk/carbonoffset

We’ve said goodbye to paper invoices

In 2021, we decided to break-up with paper invoices. It’s not us, it’s them.

In a bid to reduce paper wastage, we’re pleased to have switched to paperless invoicing for most of our lovely customers, meaning less energy used on printing, and less emissions released from the van delivering the letter.


By ordering your fuel with Tate Oil, not only will you be supporting an independent, family-run business, but you’ll also be working with a company that actively focuses on reducing their carbon footprint. Every time you order with us, you’re choosing to support a greener business who gives back to the local community.

Ready to order? Call 03300 552 889, email sales@tateoil.co.uk or get a quote here

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